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ATOMIC PICNIC is a co-op third-person shooter roguelite! Get together with up to 4 friends to fight hordes of monsters, gain experience to upgrade your weapons, and create the best build possible to survive. Every Picnic is different, each containing a variety of upgrades that can radically change the way you play.

In Atomic Picnic you and your friends try to survive non-stop waves of enemies in a 3D Third-Person Perspective, with fast-paced gameplay that completely subverts this nascent genre.

3rd-person co-op Survivors Atomic Picnic features a Survivors mode where up to 4 players survive non-stop waves of enemies in a 3D Third-Person Perspective, with fast paced gameplay that  completely subverts this nascent genre.

Every decision in Atomic Picnic can lead to a totally different build and playstyle!  The more upgrades you pick and combine, the stronger you become.  Every run is unique!

Start a Picnic either solo or with up to three more friends in Online Co-Op. Each of you will have your own build, but have to cooperate and level up to defeat the enemy waves and conquer objectives! So be careful, coordination is vital.

Every adventurer's best friend is the AIR GEAR, a tool they use to reach heights and distances otherwise impossible. With this tool, you can zip and dash around the map, using the terrain's verticality in your favor.

We will update the game fast and furiously over the coming weeks and months.  Here is a small list of what is coming: 

  • Many Level Improvements and Level Art
  • New Boss with new special attacks!
  • New enemies;
  • New Secondary Weapon: the Device!
  • Many many more Upgrades! 
  • Permanent upgrades outside of the runs, including unlocks; 
  • New Main Menu UI! 
  • Ping System!
  • Constant fixes and performance improvements! 
  • ...And more to come! Stay tuned :) 

In order to keep up with the updates, we highly recommend downloading the game using the itch.io desktop app!  Or Join our Discord Server to be informed when a new update comes out!  

This demo will be out on Steam soon, so please Wishlist it there to help us out:

Atomic Picnic is in development! This is an Appetizer for what is to come.  You will find unfinished art, incomplete gameplay features and other symptoms of early game development.  Bugs and performance issues are expected and we would love to see your reports about the experience through the picnic! 

If you would like to be a part of this, join our Discord and help us make this game as awesome as we can. 


Join the BitCake Studio Discord Server to receive fresh news about the game and interact with other players and the dev team!  This will be an open development and we are looking forward to your feedback.


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: i3 4130
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: i5 6500
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space


BitCake is a game development studio based in Brazil! We love making multiplayer online games, and our goal is to bring people together with them!  We have many years of experience developing for PC, Console, Mobile, Browsers... and this is not our first game! If you want to follow our development closer, follow us on ouria pages (and don't forget our Discord server!).

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Did I miss the playtest??

I'm getting an installation error with the itch.io app's install button, and I couldn't find a way to download manually. It seems like the download button here is just straight up missing.

Hmmm, will this game be paid or free when it's finished?

premium game!

my game freezes for no reason

i think a lower graphics setting is needed

Actually had a real blast playing this and look forward to the final result

why it say virus

I like the game alot but when i click start it just shows a black screen and stops responding and then i have to close it is it because i didnt allow the game to access my files? [ or something like that i dont remember what said on that thing that pops up] but anyway i like the game im hoping this could be fixed soon :)

can i downlaod this is on my windows 10 laptop?



Looking great to me!

Hi friends, we are "Make It". A new community management startup and we really hope work with you. 

My partner and I are starting out in the world of work and want to gain experience in the field. We've noticed that your game is very promising and qualitative. That's why we want to help you save time in development by taking care of social networks related to our work. 

Your games look so nice and you too, sure it's not finished but it seems funny and very cool, what more could you ask for. 

You can contact us with this mail adress: 


Have a nice day ! 馃榿

The game just dont open in my pc :(

(1 edit)

hey Nik0n1k0nii! That's a shame to hear. Try coming to our Discord channel (discord.gg/bitcake) so we can help you out! 

Don麓t worry about it, I just downloaded the Steam version and it works. Thank you so much, nice game
Have a nice day


i really liked the game! 5 stars!! \(*w*)/


Found this: https://nightsetup.itch.io/atomic-picnic

Are you going to get it taken down?

Yes! Thanks a lot for the report! :O

The game for some reason crashes as soon as I want to start it since the latest patch

We just updated the game. Can you try again? Let us know if it's fixed or not!


really cool but makes me row when there are a lot of enemies. A lot of bugs also on enemies that glitch. Really really cool, small addition proposal: add more points of interest on the map. and Elementary Competence

this game got me swinging like spiderman

Cool gameplay! Thanks alot for playing!

Very fun game. I chose this game to playtest on a game console I'm building. Is the difficulty adjusted to how many players are on the map, it felt almost impossible to take down 3 Little Macs on my own.

This is fantastic the amount of passion and hard work is obvious. The gameplay loop is super satisfying and the replayability is crazy wonderful work here.

Thanks a lot! We're constantly updating the game to make it even better! :D 

(3 edits) (+1)

Maybe endless loop when choosed an upgrade after levelling up and holding a fire with Charging Trigger, I played only with a shotgun, the video game stops.

Also it is braindead that I take damage when they hit the air.

Very very fun !!! Instabuy Day One ahah :D

Thank you very much!

Love it, hope that character customization is coming soon.

Thanks a lot! No promises on character customization, but we DO have a lot of cool stuff planned 馃槈

Super fun and a lot of potential! Hope to watch it improve and grow.

Thank you! We are releasing a lot of updates very frequently. More is coming! :D

This game seems like its going to be super fun! The movement is fast and fluid, and in combination with the shooting it feels great, I like your powerup system and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. 

I feel like the gun's running out of ammo could do with something like a sound or visual effect, as a lot of the time I accidentally borked the reload minigame (great addition by the way) because I was holding down the shoot button and didn't realise that the minigame had triggered. Additionally, in my personal opinion I feel like its very easy to get overwhelmed at the shop, though maybe that's the feel you're going for. If not, maybe adding a force-field around the shop that keeps enemies out, but also pauses the timer could work?

Other than those two small (and quite subjective) issues, the game is great! I hope you manage to plow on and make the game as big and as great as it can be!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We will take a look at the shop mechanic in the future and continue to improve the game in various other ways ! :D

what are the hardware requirements

also this game reminds me of fortnite

Hi!! here are the hardware requirements.


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: i3 4130
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: i5 6500
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

i have windows 10 but the RAM is below the minimum


I played it twice and it crashed both times.

Both times was not long after hosting a match.

I didn't notice any connection between the crashes other than the amount of time since entering the hub.

The first time I was messing around in the hub checking out the abilities and the second time quickly after entering the level.

Also I hope the will be optimised a bit more because I changed the graphics to low and still lagged a little bit.

(1 edit)

Hey Spectre, thanks a ton for the feedback!

Couple of things, could you hop into your AppData/LocalLow/BitCakeStudio/AtomicPicnic folder? There should be a player.log and a Crashes folder (if not on LocalLow try Local or Roaming plz). Could you zip both and send it to me on contact(at)bitcake.studio?

Also, did you crash after the match began or while you were in the Main Menu?

If so, we鈥檙e currently remaking the entire menu from scratch and that should fix most of the crashes and issues players have been having! I鈥檇 say wait until next week. But nonetheless please send us the crash report!

optimizations are something of a work in progress, as we develop the game we鈥檒l do optimization patches to improve gameplay quality :) The game is super early in development so we鈥檙e currently focused on making more gameplay and more features than optimizing them to run the best, but it鈥檚 something we will do!



I sent the zip file.


i got the same problem


great game 



Thank you so much for making this video! :D


I've been playing Atomic Picnic with a friend for about a month now and really enjoying what you all have put together so far! I think it has a lot of potential.

I have been having some pretty bad issues with stuttering and, what appears to be lag, since the last patch though. Very often projectiles from both players and enemies will freeze in place, and enemy movement will become very stuttery and erratic. It's made it quite difficult to play the game since the last patch.

Hey Maxx!

I'm sorry to hear that, I'm going to report this to the team and see what we can do about it!

The best way you can help us with issues like this is if you could make a video or a gif showing us your issue, so we can see it happening. But we'll look into it anyways!


(1 edit)

Just letting you know ever since the patch the game seems more unstable than usual  :\  Me and my friends who usually never have trouble with it, tried playing 4 games today, 2 of them ended abruptly booting us all back to the menu, 1 of them ended in a crash after a massive slowdown for a couple minutes preceded it, and the last 1 managed to complete when the Little Macs at the end didn't spawn in, but also one of my friend was stuttering really badly and unable to move their camera to look at anything.  

Sorry to hear that, Ami! We've made a ton of progress on the "Boot-to-lobby" issue! We've identified the issue and it's already being worked on, unfortunately I cannot give an estimate on when this will be fixed since it's a very complex bug, but we're making strides!

Whenever your friends crash, please ask them to NOT open the game again, then go to their %AppData% folder (type that on windows explorer search bar). Go to AppData/LocalLow/BitCake Studio/Atomic Picnic. There will be a player.log file, if you could send that file to us it would be great, you can reach me or [Dev]Bill on our Discord for this.

very good anime video game

Thank you very much! :D

I really enjoyed this. Thank you for making it! I feel like it has a lot of potential especially with the co-op aspect and allowing people to jump in and out of the game! I'm excited to see the finished product!

Thank you very much! Love watching people's gameplay :D We will keep updating and making the game even better! v0.1_10 just dropped today :D

(1 edit) (+1)

So the gameplay loop is similar to Risk of Rain 2?


It's more akin to a Survivors Game (Vampire Survivors) than Risk of Rain 2, although both are very similar. In Atomic you just need to survive in the same map for 10 minutes. As the game evolves we will add more challenges and more ways to play and more variety.


Just out of interest: Was this made in Unity or Unreal ?

(1 edit) (+1)

Atomic is made in Unity with a heavily customized Render Pipeline, with many changes specific for our project.


great game i love the co-op game play

the dash and double jump ad a really good twist

the weapons have very high pros and very high cons 

which is good i can imagine some will main in certain categories of play style

i wonder if there will be PVP in the future

Thank you so much for the kind words Davi!

Right now we have no plans for PvP content.


It's REALLY looks good but I'm using linux can you make a version for linux 馃槶馃槶


Thanks for the kind words!

But right now making a Linux version is not something we're actively doing because development is very very early and we need to focus on making the game. Once we're close to release we can think of a Linux version. Meanwhile why don't you use the Proton Layer to play it? We've had people play the game on a Steam Deck fine and that runs it on Proton :)


oh i appreciate it, i may use lutris yeah or steam proton then


i really wanted to try the game but when i click on create room it bring me back to the main menu ?

hum... That's very odd, occult! We're having some issues with players being booted to the main menu, but not like you said. But maybe it's linked in some way with the problem you're currently experiencing. We are working to find the core of the problem so we can fix it.

Would be best to have a button to trigger the upgrade choice screen, it's pretty rough to read a pop-up of three choices in the middle of a fight!

We're working on a way to improve this issue! It'll take a bit of time, since the system is VERY complex, but rest assured it's on the top of our priorities!

The gameplay is so fun to play. The Mechanic is good tho. 

But can you buff the Shotgun please? XD

Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, we'll be balancing weapons as we go, so you can expect some weapons to be buffed, others to be nerfed, you know the drill 馃ぃ

(1 edit) (+1)

Really interesting!

But maybe need a little more balance?

I tested some (but not sure)

AR:2.5energy/shot 12dmg

Launcher:15energy/shot 60dmg

Shotgun:12.5energy/shot (8 bullets) 12dmg/bullet

Sniper:20energy/shot 100dmg

Launcher is AOE so we don't consider about it now 

So, AR 4.8dmg/energy Shotgun 7.68dmg/energy and Sniper 5dmg/energy

But in my opinion AR is the best weapon because it only cost 2.5energy per shot so when hit crystals it's very efficient.

Also, I test the upgrade (not sure too). The upgrade which shot the secondary bullet deal 80dmg. But seems no matter which weapon u use it deals 80 dmg so it behaves better when have a higher fire rate which is AR. Maybe the dmg should base on base dmg?

Shotgun and Sniper seems have little features too. With more pierces AR can use as a shotgun which even have a higher range. And with secondary bullet AR deals more dmg than Sniper sometimes.

Moreover, full health gives too much dmg bonus while low health gives so little. It's easy to keep full health and riskier when keep low health.

In my opinion, maybe every weapon needs its feature?For example, Shotgun can stun enemies when all bullet on it, add more small enemies (low HP but a lot) maybe good for Launcher? Or cluster bombs. Sniper can breakdown enemy's armor (It will be taken more dmg (from all weapons) after shot by sniper) (or just armor which decline dmg it taken which can be removed by sniper?), or maybe a sniper have 2 modes, tap can shot a normal bullet while hold on can charge a much powerful bullet. Also I think it should have more crit chance and dmg, and upgrades add more. Maybe it鈥榮 better to use roller to zoom too?

And about multiplayer, it's discouraged when face a no one lobby. Also add a radar will benefit a lot I think (because often can't find my teammate especially they need help) . And a chat may useful? Or just some commands like "go here" "cover me " can make a good gaming experience.

And it may hard to understand crystal gives money? (After a long time I find out it XD). Maybe some beginner tutorial useful?

Anyway, it's a good game. The future is promising. Recommending it to my friends XD. Also want to know if more language is considered, I can't understand what proc means until now XD (I can help if Chinese localization is needed)

Hey Liano! Thanks for the feedback, I've seen that you posted the same on our discord so I've replied there :)

I don't know u were on holiday so I think put there may more striking :


Atomic Picnic looks really good. Best of luck with it. Will sample your demo when PC, Steam Deck etc permits my do so. (In PC upgrade holding pattern) Will be watching the reviews for your game. 

Thank you so much! We will keep working on the game and making it better and better! 

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