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Atomic Picnic - Animated LogoATOMIC PICNIC is a Co-Op Shooter Roguelite based on the new Swarm Survivors genre! Get together with up to 4 friends to fight frenzied monsters and gain experience to upgrade your weapons in an anime-style post-apocalyptic world.

Fight your way together through The Zone, an everchanging labyrinth created after the "Harvest Festival" happened.  Unlock an incredible variety of upgrades that can radically change the way you play every time.

3rd-person co-op Survivors Atomic Picnic features a Survivors mode where up to 4 players survive non-stop waves of enemies in a 3D Third-Person Perspective, with fast paced gameplay that  completely subverts this nascent genre.

Every decision in Atomic Picnic can lead to a totally different build and playstyle!  The more upgrades you pick and combine, the stronger you become.  Every run is unique!

Enter the Zone solo or with up to three friends in Online Co-Op.  Each of you will have your own build but will have to cooperate and level up to defeat the enemy waves and conquer objectives! So be careful, coordination is vital!

Every Stalker's best friend is the AIR GEAR, a tool they use to reach heights and distances otherwise impossible when traversing the ZONE.  With this tool, you can zip around the map, using the terrain's verticality to your favor. 

We will update the game fast and furiously over the coming weeks and months.  Here is a small list of what is coming: 

  • Many Level Improvements and Level Art
  • New Boss with new special attacks!
  • New enemies;
  • New Secondary Weapon: the Device!
  • Many many more Upgrades! 
  • Permanent upgrades outside of the runs, including unlocks; 
  • New Main Menu UI! 
  • Ping System!
  • Constant fixes and performance improvements! 
  • ...And more to come! Stay tuned :) 

In order to keep up with the updates, we highly recommend downloading the game using the itch.io desktop app!  Or Join our Discord Server to be informed when a new update comes out!  

This demo will be out on Steam soon, so please Wishlist it there to help us out:

Atomic Picnic is in development! This is an Appetizer for what is to come.  You will find unfinished art, incomplete gameplay features and other symptoms of early game development.  Bugs and performance issues are expected and we would love to see your reports about the experience through the picnic! 

If you would like to be a part of this, join our Discord and help us make this game as awesome as we can. 


Join the BitCake Studio Discord Server to receive fresh news about the game and interact with other players and the dev team!  This will be an open development and we are looking forward to your feedback.


BitCake is a game development studio based in Brazil! We love making multiplayer online games, and our goal is to bring people together with them!  We have many years of experience developing for PC, Console, Mobile, Browsers... and this is not our first game! If you want to follow our development closer, follow us on ouria pages (and don't forget our Discord server!).

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Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
AuthorBitCake Studio
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Anime, Co-op, Multiplayer, Roguelike, Roguelite, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


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Version 11

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I played it twice and it crashed both times.

Both times was not long after hosting a match.

I didn't notice any connection between the crashes other than the amount of time since entering the hub.

The first time I was messing around in the hub checking out the abilities and the second time quickly after entering the level.

Also I hope the will be optimised a bit more because I changed the graphics to low and still lagged a little bit.

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Hey Spectre, thanks a ton for the feedback!

Couple of things, could you hop into your AppData/LocalLow/BitCakeStudio/AtomicPicnic folder? There should be a player.log and a Crashes folder (if not on LocalLow try Local or Roaming plz). Could you zip both and send it to me on contact(at)bitcake.studio?

Also, did you crash after the match began or while you were in the Main Menu?

If so, we’re currently remaking the entire menu from scratch and that should fix most of the crashes and issues players have been having! I’d say wait until next week. But nonetheless please send us the crash report!

optimizations are something of a work in progress, as we develop the game we’ll do optimization patches to improve gameplay quality :) The game is super early in development so we’re currently focused on making more gameplay and more features than optimizing them to run the best, but it’s something we will do!


I sent the zip file.



great game 



Thank you so much for making this video! :D

I've been playing Atomic Picnic with a friend for about a month now and really enjoying what you all have put together so far! I think it has a lot of potential.

I have been having some pretty bad issues with stuttering and, what appears to be lag, since the last patch though. Very often projectiles from both players and enemies will freeze in place, and enemy movement will become very stuttery and erratic. It's made it quite difficult to play the game since the last patch.

Hey Maxx!

I'm sorry to hear that, I'm going to report this to the team and see what we can do about it!

The best way you can help us with issues like this is if you could make a video or a gif showing us your issue, so we can see it happening. But we'll look into it anyways!


(1 edit)

Just letting you know ever since the patch the game seems more unstable than usual  :\  Me and my friends who usually never have trouble with it, tried playing 4 games today, 2 of them ended abruptly booting us all back to the menu, 1 of them ended in a crash after a massive slowdown for a couple minutes preceded it, and the last 1 managed to complete when the Little Macs at the end didn't spawn in, but also one of my friend was stuttering really badly and unable to move their camera to look at anything.  

Sorry to hear that, Ami! We've made a ton of progress on the "Boot-to-lobby" issue! We've identified the issue and it's already being worked on, unfortunately I cannot give an estimate on when this will be fixed since it's a very complex bug, but we're making strides!

Whenever your friends crash, please ask them to NOT open the game again, then go to their %AppData% folder (type that on windows explorer search bar). Go to AppData/LocalLow/BitCake Studio/Atomic Picnic. There will be a player.log file, if you could send that file to us it would be great, you can reach me or [Dev]Bill on our Discord for this.

very good anime video game

Thank you very much! :D

I really enjoyed this. Thank you for making it! I feel like it has a lot of potential especially with the co-op aspect and allowing people to jump in and out of the game! I'm excited to see the finished product!

Thank you very much! Love watching people's gameplay :D We will keep updating and making the game even better! v0.1_10 just dropped today :D

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So the gameplay loop is similar to Risk of Rain 2?


It's more akin to a Survivors Game (Vampire Survivors) than Risk of Rain 2, although both are very similar. In Atomic you just need to survive in the same map for 10 minutes. As the game evolves we will add more challenges and more ways to play and more variety.


Just out of interest: Was this made in Unity or Unreal ?

(1 edit) (+1)

Atomic is made in Unity with a heavily customized Render Pipeline, with many changes specific for our project.


great game i love the co-op game play

the dash and double jump ad a really good twist

the weapons have very high pros and very high cons 

which is good i can imagine some will main in certain categories of play style

i wonder if there will be PVP in the future

Thank you so much for the kind words Davi!

Right now we have no plans for PvP content.


It's REALLY looks good but I'm using linux can you make a version for linux 😭😭


Thanks for the kind words!

But right now making a Linux version is not something we're actively doing because development is very very early and we need to focus on making the game. Once we're close to release we can think of a Linux version. Meanwhile why don't you use the Proton Layer to play it? We've had people play the game on a Steam Deck fine and that runs it on Proton :)


oh i appreciate it, i may use lutris yeah or steam proton then


i really wanted to try the game but when i click on create room it bring me back to the main menu ?

hum... That's very odd, occult! We're having some issues with players being booted to the main menu, but not like you said. But maybe it's linked in some way with the problem you're currently experiencing. We are working to find the core of the problem so we can fix it.

Would be best to have a button to trigger the upgrade choice screen, it's pretty rough to read a pop-up of three choices in the middle of a fight!

We're working on a way to improve this issue! It'll take a bit of time, since the system is VERY complex, but rest assured it's on the top of our priorities!

The gameplay is so fun to play. The Mechanic is good tho. 

But can you buff the Shotgun please? XD

Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, we'll be balancing weapons as we go, so you can expect some weapons to be buffed, others to be nerfed, you know the drill 🤣

(1 edit) (+1)

Really interesting!

But maybe need a little more balance?

I tested some (but not sure)

AR:2.5energy/shot 12dmg

Launcher:15energy/shot 60dmg

Shotgun:12.5energy/shot (8 bullets) 12dmg/bullet

Sniper:20energy/shot 100dmg

Launcher is AOE so we don't consider about it now 

So, AR 4.8dmg/energy Shotgun 7.68dmg/energy and Sniper 5dmg/energy

But in my opinion AR is the best weapon because it only cost 2.5energy per shot so when hit crystals it's very efficient.

Also, I test the upgrade (not sure too). The upgrade which shot the secondary bullet deal 80dmg. But seems no matter which weapon u use it deals 80 dmg so it behaves better when have a higher fire rate which is AR. Maybe the dmg should base on base dmg?

Shotgun and Sniper seems have little features too. With more pierces AR can use as a shotgun which even have a higher range. And with secondary bullet AR deals more dmg than Sniper sometimes.

Moreover, full health gives too much dmg bonus while low health gives so little. It's easy to keep full health and riskier when keep low health.

In my opinion, maybe every weapon needs its feature?For example, Shotgun can stun enemies when all bullet on it, add more small enemies (low HP but a lot) maybe good for Launcher? Or cluster bombs. Sniper can breakdown enemy's armor (It will be taken more dmg (from all weapons) after shot by sniper) (or just armor which decline dmg it taken which can be removed by sniper?), or maybe a sniper have 2 modes, tap can shot a normal bullet while hold on can charge a much powerful bullet. Also I think it should have more crit chance and dmg, and upgrades add more. Maybe it‘s better to use roller to zoom too?

And about multiplayer, it's discouraged when face a no one lobby. Also add a radar will benefit a lot I think (because often can't find my teammate especially they need help) . And a chat may useful? Or just some commands like "go here" "cover me " can make a good gaming experience.

And it may hard to understand crystal gives money? (After a long time I find out it XD). Maybe some beginner tutorial useful?

Anyway, it's a good game. The future is promising. Recommending it to my friends XD. Also want to know if more language is considered, I can't understand what proc means until now XD (I can help if Chinese localization is needed)

Hey Liano! Thanks for the feedback, I've seen that you posted the same on our discord so I've replied there :)

I don't know u were on holiday so I think put there may more striking :


Atomic Picnic looks really good. Best of luck with it. Will sample your demo when PC, Steam Deck etc permits my do so. (In PC upgrade holding pattern) Will be watching the reviews for your game. 

Thank you so much! We will keep working on the game and making it better and better! 

(1 edit) (+2)

not sure if it's intended or not, but by pressing jump at the end of a dash, it cancels into a superjump/dash. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN THE GAME, it made the game WAYYY more replayable, alongside a small learning curve.


You mean Bunny Hopping? We don't have plans to remove it from the game, please keep enjoying it 🤣

can you make it possible to chain the swingy vine thing so you can get up really high? But maybe fall damage can cancel it out?

(1 edit)

It's already chainable, if you use it and use it again it'll work. You just need to see if you have 2 cooldowns available.

is it infinitely chainable? like the acorn hop in Mario Odyssey speedruns?

As long as you make a Cooldown focused build you can chain it more and more. But infinitely chainable would probably be an exploit, like in Mario. We wouldn't want that.

Man this is some of the most fun I had with a game in a while. Needs music and weapon switching, but super satisfying, can't wait to annoy my friends to play this one so they can get to feel the satisfaction of this marvel! Consider me a sale when the game is done!

Thank you so much for the comment! We will continue to make the game even better in the future! :D :D

(5 edits) (+4)

Me and my friend have been playing this a lot together and it's really fun.  We've beaten the picnic a lot and can consistently do it easily together and alone now (I've soloed it with every different weapon), and I wanted to share some of the thoughts we've had in case they help you develop the game.

- the Assault Rifle is essentially the best weapon because upgrades can make it do anything the other guns can do but better, and it spits out so many shots that procs & damage boosts make it basically broken.  I'm a sniper rifle player and I can do really well with it but even I find the AR makes the game so much easier, I can wipe waves before the next one even spawns with explosive shot which turns it basically into a grenade launcher with range.  And the damage ramp up from bullet heat makes it better against bosses than the shotgun or sniper rifle.

- the other guns need better bonuses to balance out their weaknesses, the shotgun and grenade launcher are useless against the flying enemies near the end, and don't have enough DPS at close range to catch up to how much damage AND range the AR can spit out.  Same with the sniper because it fires so slowly and doesn't do enough damage even with bonuses to catch up to the DPS of the AR.  Maybe the bosses and enemies need weak spots that make the Sniper Rifle more useful? and maybe there needs to be damage drop-off at distance for the AR. Similarly, maybe the shotgun should have knockback and the grenade launcher have knockdown or something, so enemies might get stunned by it.

- the Assault Rifle also has an advantage when breaking the little crystals to get money or health because ammunition is much more valuable for the other weapons (especially the grenade launcher), and their fire rate is so much slower that it "costs" a non-AR player more to break a crystal than an AR just having to tap it with a bullet

- the enemy pathing gets easily confused and can be gamed, maybe that's on purpose because it allows the players to use strategy, but we've found it very easy to get the Little Macs stuck to kill them easily, or get them stuck trying to choose between 2 players and just standing there turning around

- since all the players upgrade at the same time and don't unfreeze until eveyrbody's picked, maybe the game should just pause when everybody levels, that way you don't get swarmed by enemies while leveling, it almost makes leveling bad in some situations

- there should be a way to communicate with players quickly, like "come here" "spread out" etc... just simple commands would be pretty effective

- players in the room should be visible on the HUD so we know when somebody leaves the game, sometimes it's hard to know if you just haven't seen a player lately or if they've left and you should change your strategies to accommodate for fewer people

- players in the game should be visible from distance, it's hard to know where anybody is when we're all running around trying not to die and it would help a lot to be able to see where players are with a little marker that's visible even at range or knowing the general direction they're in if you're not looking at them

- it would be nice to have some sort of tank class or protection for snipers so sniping becomes more viable

- a healing/support class might be a nice addition in the future for people who want to help the team but aren't big on shooting? maybe besides healing, support could also buff teammates or debuff enemies, like giving temporary speed boosts to teammates might be pretty cool as an idea for a future power

- the low health damage boost perk should be much greater given that it's much more dangerous to be at low health and you're more limited in optimal moves with it, currently the bonus damage at full health perk is far superior as it gives you the bigger damage boost & it's a lot easier to stay at full health with the vampiric shot perk & picking up health, while to get the bonus for low health consistently you have to never take vampire shot & avoid all health pickups

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know what we thought about the game after playing it almost non-stop together for a few days.  Even in this early stage, it's really fun, and the colours, graphics, and character design are really appealing.  We can't wait to see what's to come and I've been encouraging everybody I know to play and to support the development of the game.


one more suggestion: either the ability to join games in progress or at least to see games in progress in the team join screen, so at least people know that there's an active playerbase.  I worry that a lot of new players are discouraged by a blank game list and assume the game is dead and quit out rather than make a lobby and wait for people to join.  


Hey Ami!

Thanks a ton for the incredible comment, makes us really happy when we see someone take so much time to write what they think about the game :)

First of all I just want to introduce myself, I'm the game's Creative Director :)

I've read both of your comments entirely, they surely are insightful but let me address some points.

- Weapon Balancing: all the issues you've pointed out with AR, Shotgun, Launcher and Sniper we're taking a look at. Weapon balancing is not something that's done in a patch and it's over, it's something that we'll be refining for a long time since gameplay is expected to change a lot as we develop the game. But rest assured that I agree with some of your points and we'll work on them :)

- The same above applies to Upgrades balancing, we will keep rebalancing them as we go :)

- Enemy Pathing is still a work in progress. AI Code, Enemy Design and Level Design. We're still refining these important pillars of the game, and as we work on this I expect issues like enemies being stuck will be solved. But these take a long time to fix and develop so please don't expect one patch and all issues will be over, it's a very very hard problem to solve :(

- Pause system is something we will work on when we get back in the office after the break. It's definitely on the top of the list :)

- Better ways to communicate and see what your team is doing is coming. We've just released a prototype Ping System that works when you ping Health or the Boss. Expect this system to expand in the future. We also have plans to make other players more visible for you.

- Join games in progress is something we can't support due to the nature of the game, but we will improve the UI and make that entire Room experience better. This UI is just very prototypy and will definitely be completely remade from scratch. I completely agree with the blank list of games comment and that's also something we've been thinking; although the game is not really something that's multiplayer only like fortnite or valorant it can feel pretty bad to see an empty list of rooms to join.

That's all!

Thanks a ton for taking time to write a very cool comment like that! :)

the idea is quite interesting, the visuals of the game are quite pleasant, i liked everything that i saw on my screen)
thanks to this game i wanted to play the same games with a similar upgrade system - thank you very much!

Hey Gladiator! Thanks a ton for enjoying the game! It'll only get better as we continue development :D

Join our discord to keep in touch with us and the rest of the community at discord.gg/bitcake


Thank you! :D

system requirements??

(1 edit)


OS: Windows 10
Processor: i3 4130
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space


OS: Windows 10
Processor: i5 6500
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space

thank you for making this! I've been waiting for a horde coop game that has to do with the swarm survivors genre. I finished a couple rounds with my friends and I gotta say it will be a looker in the future for sure. I can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

the one main gripe is having enemies especially little mac's right up on you when you're trying to upgrade. I also feel like more graphical settings to lower could be implemented as when theres a lot of enemies it will inevitably drop frames ( to be expected from a horde game lol)

I joined the discord so im excited to see the progress :)

Hey Giodyne!

Thank YOU for playing and enjoying the game :D

The enemies getting close to you during level up is our biggest complaint right now and it's something we will work on as soon as possible early next year when we're back from recess.

There have been some requests for lower graphical options and better graphics card support, we'll also look into this, although its currently not a priority. We are doing some optimizations and that work is ongoing of course, meaning during development we'll do our best to optimize parts of the game to make it run better.

Thank you for joining our discord! We will keep posting updates as they happen


I really love the game but i can't play with friends due of the connexion when i create a room i have no problem but my friend does have and when he create i am the one to have problem and he have nothing

Hey Atomix!

Unforunately we know about those connection issues, we will focus on fixing them early next year. Right now the team is on recess due to the holidays. But rest assured we will work on this ASAP :)

(1 edit)

I streamed your game last night. Overall, I think the game looks promising, but yes, it is indeed quite clearly an early build.

First, to begin with technical aspects of the game, it had several crashes. The game's frame timing and performance seems fine, but the overall stability seems to be quite rough. I crashed twice while waiting in the menus, and then another crash near the end of my run with the game. (since it seems you are collecting hardware info, I will post it at the bottom of this review - sorry for the wall of text!)
An additional annoyance is the requirement to connect to a server in order to play. For my own streams I often download the games I will play in advance, this became a nuisance because it wouldn't let me play unless I had the latest version, but updating to the latest version still resulted in an empty lobby of no other games, making the whole ordeal just sort of feel like a waste of time. I'm aware you recommend using Itch's client to resolve this issue. For marketing purposes, I would recommend just having a "Play Single Player" button front and center at the title screen. Even if its functionality is exactly the same as "creating a lobby", at least those whom wish to try your game aren't immediately turned away when the see empty lobbies, and hopefully it would bypass the requirement to re-download the game.

Now, to move on to game itself:
The graphics are nice, with a clear and clean aesthetic to them. I was surprised to see that this was a Unity game. While I am aware Unity's lightning can look nice (especially if you use the HDRP) often out-of-the-box Unity looks dull and flat, so this tells me care was put into the rendering of the game.
Combat is rough in my opinion. I'm typically not a fan of rogue-lite games, but actually I didn't find them too horribly intrusive here. What I did find obtrusive were enemies. Enemies were way too damage sponge-y, and the optimal tactic often boiled down to kiting them in a circle. Movement, dodging, and shooting never offered the sense of feeling powerful or getting a leg up on the enemies, it just felt like mindless repetition with enemies that take way too many shots to down. All of this mindless repetitious of: run backwards while shooting, grapple to get a lead on the enemies, repeat - was made all the worse with the lifelessness of no soundtrack and no ambience. While I am aware this is an early build, it's also a public build released to garner attention, and so I think you are doing yourself a huge disservice by not including, at the very least, placeholder royalty free soundtracks - there's good stuff out there for free or cheap, so don't hinder your game so much! (You're also welcome to use my own music, though it wouldn't fit your game 🤣)

The best part going for this game is the graphics, and to a lesser extent the mild RPG/rogue-like elements. I can only hope that you don't lean in the direction most rogue-lites go where you start feeling gimped and, with luck, maybe you will build up to feeling mildly competent. It would be refreshing to have a game start with the player feeling competent and building up to feeling powerful.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.

Here are the hardware specs:
Ryzen 2700x

edit & p.s.
Itch's comment section is just heinous with the amount of spam. Glad to see you cleaned it up, but I'm sure it's an ongoing battle.

Hey Nolan,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an amazing feedback! 

As the Creative Director of the game, let me address some of your concerns :)

First about the tech issues, yes we're aware of those. We did what we could to fix a lot of them before our holiday break, unfortunately some issues got through the cracks, some crashes, disconnects and visual glitches. We will be back early next year and we'll promptly work on fixing as much issues as we can.

About the game being always online, it's not really as simple as just pressing a button :/ The game as it stands assumes the player is always connected. We had to make this choice because developing a single-player experience and a multiplayer at the same time is effectively like developing two games at once and our team is SUPER small (we're currently less than 10 people!). So in order for us to deliver a good experience we decided to focus on multiplayer and making that feel great (although a bit buggy right now, sorry). A single-player 100% offline mode is not out of the picture tho, and we may work on that later on during development, I just cannot make a promise that this will be a thing :/

We are working on private lobbies and a better single player experience, tho :)

About the graphics: yes, our art team is amazing and we've taken the hard path of customizing Unity's rendering.. by A LOT. And it's not over, we'll keep customizing the rendering as we develop the game to make the game even prettier.

I really like and respect your comments about the combat and it's something we've been discussing internally, things like ways we can make the combat a more defend/attack or push and pull, introduce more variety and more interesting decisions. You can expect A LOT of improvements on that front as we develop the game, especially early next year. This is a priority for us, making sure the combat is great and the game feels amazing to play and you feel stronger as you progress.

About OST. We're currently in the process of rewriting our entire sound engine from scratch, this is the main reason there's no music in the game yet. Work on OST and SFX will be ongoing and as soon as we release an update with the new sound engine, we'll remix the entire game, add more sound effects and a soundtrack.

Will definitely watch you playing later :)

Feel free to join our discord.gg/bitcake to interact with me and the rest of the team and learn what's coming to the game! :)

PS: Yeah, we've been monitoring this comment section a LOT to delete those pesky bots.


Looks very promising! Looks quite similar to Banzai Escape II, but more polished and in a different style!

However, the game always crashes in the first 3 minutes of gameplay, on Windows 11.

Thanks for enjoying the game and for the feedback, Eglaios! About your crash, what's your PC configs? CPU, Ram and GPU mainly?


Hey, I am having the same problem on:
OS: windows 11 64 bit
CPU: Intel core i5-8265U 1.60GHz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620

Running this on a laptop, could it be possible that the crash happens because the game is unable to run on integrated graphics?

Yeah, everyone that has been on Integrated graphics has some issues. Unfortunately :/ Right now we'll need to investigate and see what we can do, but we'll be going into recess today and will be back 3rd week of next year.

Pretty much the same thing for me. Laptop win 11 integrated graphics.

Класна демка.


більше зброї

більше персонажів

більше мап

більше рандому

і найголовніше. під час підвищеня рівня хочу щоб навколо персонажа з`являвся захисний щит на 15 секунд .щоб спокійно можно було обрати бонус.

Привіт! Unfortunately, we didn't know how to speak Ukrainian and used Google Translate, but we want to tell you that your idea about the shield is great and we like it a lot! 😁

and by the way. I finished all the waves sitting on a tree.

second half of the video


It's like fortnite + risk of rain 2 with genshin impact graphics, i love it.

the controls feel smooth, i like the zig zag when you quickly shift from left to right.

I like the graphics and map desgin,

The hook and flash abilities are fun.

I don't like how the enemies can get close to you when you level up,

i think the shop should be a safe area, where no monsters can damage you. Maybe even make it spawn at the end of every round or so, also in a more accessible area, like the middle of the map,

wasn't really testing for bugs, but found that running in and out of the starting portal will respawn you in space, maybe force everyone to spawn in the map after a certain amount of time, that can be determined by the lobby host,

would prefer if some level up upgrades were only specific for certain weapons (like "pierce" for the launcher weapon is useless),

would love to see more characters with different abilities,

Overall, great work! i'm excited for a full release.

Thank you for enjoying ATOMIC PICNIC!
This is one of our very first builds and we're fixing bugs as soon as they're reported! 😁 Your ideas are great, how about sharing them with our Discord community? Feel free to join us at https://discord.gg/BitCake

(2 edits)

Completed so far a couple runs and gotta say it still has a loooong way to go.

Encountered millions of bugs and exploits, getting under the map, finding spots where enemies cant follow, making enemies not able to move at all, making the whole island dissapair.

But at the end its not all that bad, if seen worse... (...insert horrible flashbacks). Givin thats an Early Alpha Game, its playable and has a potential to get to the same highs then games like Risk of Rain did.

Hopefully the Coop experience will be much more evolved in the future so i have finally something new to play with friends or strangers.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your feedback on ATOMIC PICNIC!
We are bug squashing as we speak right now and keeping up with patch notes at our Discord server, feel free to join and report any additional bugs you find on your way! https://discord.gg/BitCake


This game is really fun and has alot of potential! I love the core loop of destroying, level up and destroying more. I managed to beat the game solo using sniper and had quite an enjoyable time! However since this was an alpha or early preview, I can see the jank and bugs during the run. 

One would be the spawning bug where enemies spawn in buildings so they can't really chase me and I sometimes can't kill them! I also actually cheesed the final boss because of it's navigation AI. Other than that had alot of fun and would love to see where the game goes moving forward!


Thank you for enjoying ATOMIC PICNIC!
We are bug squashing as we speak right now and keeping up with patch notes at our Discord server, feel free to join and report any additional bugs you find on your way! https://discord.gg/BitCake

please add lower graphics option

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You can already lower your graphics by pressing Esc and changing the options there and resolution :O Do you need lower graphical options than that?


i do. please add an option to remove particles and grass and other non essential graphics


bro we need more 3D games on itch io


This game looks fire wth



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This game has high potential.
Still there need to be some things adjusted (not based on the upcoming patches) such as:

- short introduction/tutorial

- more varity for the player like several abilities (not only in movement, but also in fight/defense)

- decreasing the map as the game runs so it gets more intense
- sliding

- more movement animations so the game doesn't look to boring or "its like always the same"

Hope this helps.


Thank you for enjoying ATOMIC PICNIC!
This is one of our very first builds and the tutorial will definitely come at some point in the future! Your ideas are great, how about sharing them with our Discord community? Feel free to join us at https://discord.gg/BitCake


I've done two runs so far and I'm LOVING this game (Launcher sweep btw)

Hahaha, thank you for your feedback, DivergentDreams! Some of our players really love the Launcher, you can reach out to them at our Discord at https://discord.gg/BitCake 😉


هذه اللعبة مذهلة

لكن اتمنى لو تكون لديكم نسخة للاندرويد

Requirements System??


This game looks amazing, and I'm very happy I ran into it; Just one thing...

It crashes at around 10 seconds in. If you could add more options to the graphics settings, instead of three very broad choices, that'd be great.

Other than that, it's wonderful.

(And I'm really starting to get pissed because people are going 9-year old Fortnite-Kid mode and claiming that this game is entirely unoriginal or stolen.)

Heyo! Creative Director of the game here :D we're currently investigating all crashes that have been happening, does the game crash with a warning or are you just being booted to the main menu?

Also, who's saying those things? We've been hard at work making this game from scratch for more than a year :/ I'd be happy to clarify any misunderstandings that those people might have :)


Will this game have any new voice work added. From monsters to characters?

Hello Excursor, thank you for playing ATOMIC PICNIC!
We are still in a very early development stage so expect way more improvements (including voicework) coming in the future!

Whenever you plan on hiring VO work, I'll send an audition if you wish. Good luck 


that's some fine game right there ;)

Thank you, Matheus! We really appreciate it 🥰

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